Lekker Stroopwafel Toetje

What happens when you combine deserts from both Holland and Belgium? Well we decided to find out.

Stoopwafels are two pieces of biscuit waffles stuck together with honey (aka stroop). The best ones are the fresh ones from the markets but 10 seconds in the microwave warm them nicely. The Dutch in their wisdom decided to use them as the basis of a new ice cream flavour (Stroopwafel ijs). Mmmm, I thought what if we pile these goodies onto a Belgium waffle.


Warm waffles, soft Stroopwafel ice cream topped with mini Stroopwafels makes for a lovely dessert that isn't too sweet although filling.



Renate and Corine complete the Marikenloop Every year for the past 5 years Nijmegen hosts the "Marikenloop".It's Europe's largest female sporting event with over 7000 runners raising money for breast cancer.

This year Renate decided to join her sister and friend Corine in running the 5km track and managed to get a couple of practices in before the race. OK so its not a marathon but a great starting point and for a great cause. When they use excuses like "but there's a big hill" you just have to smile.

Even though they had completed longer distances around the local park it was still a big event and Renate and Corine were both pleased with their sub 30 minute time and finished literally hand in hand.

Of course the husbands and boy fiends played their part to egging them on from the side lines shouting words of encouragement.


Happy 60th Wim & Almah

We both had to work so this trip was more like taking our every day lives and shifting them across the world oceans. Once again my bosses found it in their heart to allow be to work for a few weeks on the other side of the world allowing us to spent quality time together.

One weekend we headed back to the Island of Vleiland. This time to celebrate the joint 60th birthday or Renate's parents. Due to the short stay we stayed in a motel in the sand dunes instead of camping as we have previously done. As part of their gift a photographer documented the first time they were together on Vieland with their daughters and daughter's partners.


Maarten bought along his kites (these were the larger puppies) and although the weather was hot there was a great sea breeze so we made the most of it. Marcel decided to get in on the action and bought himself a small kite at the local shop with some additional string aiming to get the kite as high as possible. They refused as its a low fly zone due to the military practice range at the other end of the Island. We found some anyway :-)

A few more photos from the weekend...