Renate and Corine complete the Marikenloop Every year for the past 5 years Nijmegen hosts the "Marikenloop".It's Europe's largest female sporting event with over 7000 runners raising money for breast cancer.

This year Renate decided to join her sister and friend Corine in running the 5km track and managed to get a couple of practices in before the race. OK so its not a marathon but a great starting point and for a great cause. When they use excuses like "but there's a big hill" you just have to smile.

Even though they had completed longer distances around the local park it was still a big event and Renate and Corine were both pleased with their sub 30 minute time and finished literally hand in hand.

Of course the husbands and boy fiends played their part to egging them on from the side lines shouting words of encouragement.