Gorinchem and Slot Loevestein

Dion and Anna (friends from England) were recently visiting so we decided to checkout another cute little Dutch village Gorinchem and the nearby Slot Loevestein. Created as a finish village almost 1000 years ago now days its a harbour for pleasure craft.


The Dutch tend to use the term castle to represent an old Mansion so they call a Castle a Fort (ie, Fort Loevestein). With that out the way Slot Loevestein is situated in the top of the Y where two rivers meet (the Waal and the Maas). This made it the perfect position to toll everyone using the rivers. It also happens to be the corner of three Dutch provinces.

During its history is has also been a prison housing political prisoners.  The most famous was Hugo de Groot who escaped in a book chest and formed the basis of International law as we know it today. It can’t have been such as bad place as they appeared to be treated well having plenty of freedom. Their wives could stay and they have maids.

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