Garbage in, garbage out

Don't you hate it when you are in the supermarket and in a split second before you can say "no bags please" they have your bags wrapped inside other bags inside other bags and only put a couple of items in each bag? Sometimes I feel like I come home with more plastic than I do product!

I try to recycle as much as possible at home however I feel like we can always do more. In Europe this is this is almost a reality with everyone brining their own bags which has started to take off in New Zealand.

In Germany I believe if you need something from the deli you just bring your container and get them to fill it for you. Cool huh.

The only exception to this phenomenon has been in New Zealand news recently and that's the one of "food will kill you, you will die" and it needs to be hygienically sealed before hitting the shelves. What ever happed to safe cooking? Except for a few fruit and vege everything in Europe is wrapped.

The supermarkets play their party too hosting machines for recycling. Instead of leaving your bottles in a box on the footpath you take them to the local supermarket and stick them into a machine that can identify a Grolsch Wit beir bottle from a normal Grolsch bottle. The machine then spits out a credit for you to redeem at the checkout. You can also recycle batteries which a lot better throwing them out with the normal rubbish.

I congratulate the Europeans on their stance and I doubt its just a show like the original recycling attempts of some fast food chains in NZ where the recycling bins were just emptied into the normal rubbish.