Snake in the Grass

Yesterday whilst we were riding in the forest I saw my first real live snake that wasn't in captivity. I've seen plenty of creepy crawlies over the years in various countries but never a snake even in Australia.

280pxAnyway, it turned out this little fellow is the stock standard Grass Snake ("Ringslang" in Dutch) identifiable from its distinct yellow/black neck markings. It was actually pretty cute measuring about a metre long but only about 15mm at its widest point and it was curled up like snakes do. I found it in the middle of the road so herded it to safety with my bike safe to live another day.


Update I remembered I have seen a sea snake in Fiji too.


  1. Cool! Where did you see this? I was already amazed by seeing a salamander in our garden:

  2. At the end of a bike ride in Oosterbeek (part of Arnhem?). I'll send you a photo of the Salamander we saw in Slovenia.


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