Mmmmm, bier

I've always been a fan of Grolsch bier although back in my student days it was a bit expensive for a student budget. Unlike Heineken, Grolsch remains brewed and bottled in The Netherlands and shipped out the New Zealand in its natural form even though the bottles have lost their ceramic cap.

Now that I'm here it's the perfect opportunity to try all the delights on offer including the huge variety of European beers. Unlike the supermarkets in New Zealand you can buy single bottles (or mini-kegs) rather than by the six pack or dozen. This makes sampling the large selection even easier.

Last October I discovered a little known (even amongst the Dutch) named Grolsch Weizen (Wheat even though I thought it meant White). I declare it my current favourite beer.

From the first moment the wire rips the neck seal and the ceramic top pops with a little cloud of gas escaping you know something special has begun. As you pour its amber contents into a glass the fine froth reaches back up the glass. It's cloudy appearance says its not your usual chemically enhanced purified beer but a more earthy organic beverage.

Suitable for a hot summer day or a cold winters evening this beer is not only tasty but versatile. It's large bottle size means you always need to refill your glass so you're never left hanging wanting more.

There is a Dutch saying (that a not so old Dutchman recently taught me) that sums up Grolsche Weizen:

Alsof er een engeltje op je tong piest

(It feels like an angel is pissing on your tongue) - Sorry Mum