The Kiwi's are the next America's Cup challenger

Congratulations to the New Zealand America's Cup team for taking the Louis Vuitton Cup 5 zip over Luna Rossa. They needed to win 5 of the 9 races but in the closest race of the finals, the New Zealand team won their 5th race in a row by a mere 22 seconds.

It was a bit of a challenge to get a live feed and most are pay-per-view services. TVNZ's Desktop TV service requires viewers to be in New Zealand which didn't help (anyone know a free NZ proxy server?). In the end I was able to listen to the race on

For those who don't know the America's Cup is a rich mans sailing race which also happens to be the oldest sporting cup still in use in the world. Since it started in 1851 the cup has been fraught with controversy but the yanks managed to hold onto it until 1995 briefly losing it to Australia in 1983. We lost the last defense with our boat almost sinking to Switzerland's Alinghi (a land locked country). Most of the previous Kiwi team had jumped ship (no pun intended) to sail for Alinghi of which 10 Kiwis still sail for.

Black is back (or should I say black and red, the colours of the sponsor Emirates). Good luck guys and bring it on home.


  1. Hi!!! I am italian, but I am very happy that Emirates Team New Zealand won against Luna Rossa!!!! I am a kiwis supporter because I am absolutely in love with Nz!!!!
    It is the best country on earth!!!
    kia ora!!!

  2. Thank you, Italy is fantastic as well. I love it.

    We were all supporting Prada in the Louis Vuitton Cup back in 2000 (I think).


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