Moeders Dag (Mothers Day)

Yep, it's the same day New Zealand as it is in Holland. In fact the largest percentage of countries have it on the on the same day (2nd Sunday in May) and the rest are pretty much randomly spread across the year.

This is just a quick post to wish my mum Pauline a wonderful day and big hugs from across the world. I'll also throw in a couple for Renate's mum as well.

Like every good Dutchy it's back to the weather...

After 7 weeks without hardly a drop of rain just as sprinkler restrictions here about to be put in place the skies opened and haven't stopped. Since Monday its been raining most of the time giving the ground and sandy mountain bike trails a good drink.

One evening Renate and I just turned off the lights in her lounge to watch and listen to the electrical storm overhead.

Love you Mum


  1. Hai dear Ant
    Thank you for the lovely words.
    it is really a surprise to see two mums! Have a nice day.
    bye bye love mum Almah


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