The Big Donor Show

Next week the Dutch broadcaster BNN will broadcast their new Big Brother style show named "The Big Donor Show". You have probably heard about this as I first heard about it from a kiwi.

A 37 year old woman dying from a brain tumour will decide from 3 contestants via SMS voting who gets her kidneys. Normally cancer patients cannot donate organs but the exception is brain tumours.

I don't know what the legal aspects of this are but certain in NZ people cannot sell their organs but they can donate their kidneys and bits of liver to whom they choose (relative, friend etc) providing they are healthy.

As I see it there is one major advantage of airing the show and that is to perhaps highlight the lack of organ donors around the globe. However I doubt this is their message.

I can't stand these sorts of shows so we don't plan to watch it.

Update - The Big Donor Show was a hoax.


  1. Good on you guys for not watching this kind of utter garbage.
    It is playing with dying people's emotions.
    Only doctors can make that kind of decision.
    It certainly has been in the news in Kiwiland!

  2. I take it, you've heard by now that it was in fact a hoax?


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