Spring is here

Since my previous post about the weather, it has certainly improved. The sun has been shining and the sky's are clear staying warm late into the evening.

Most of the smaller trees are blossoming but there is still no sign of life in the larger trees. The animals are getting frisky so it must be spring.

With all the good weather the mercury has risen and its now hotter in the day in the Netherlands than it is during the night in New Zealand.... but only just :-)

Everyone is out and about walking, biking and inline skating (which I have not ventured into yet). Thanks again Wim for the inline skates, I'll put them to good use soon.

At the moment I'm sitting here in a t-shirt with the balcony door open at 7:30pm. I've spent the day biking in the forest with a couple of biking/climbing friends making it to Germany for lunch. Most of the mud in the forest has dried up and other trails are dusty making for some great riding. Renate has night shifts at the moment so unfortunately she was sleeping today and I've just seen her off to work for the night.

When we are both home lunch is normally on the balcony after which Renate likes to relax in her hammock 4 stories up soaking up the suns rays whilst I get back to work.