Easter 2007

We have both been quite restrained with our chocolate intake. Except for the chocolate cereal (real lumps of chocolate), the only chocolate we've bought is a small box of Bon Bons from Belgium and we are only two thirds of the way through them.

Easter was spent doing a few bits with Renate's family and since Renate had to work on the Sunday and Monday I did the same. We spent Saturday at Renate's parents and had a Gourmetten meal. You cook yourself from all the bits on the table. Very cool like a Steam Boat.

On the Sunday night we had a couple of Renate's friends Maaike and Jelle over for green curry as they were in Holland instead of their home in gay Paris (mmmm, Dutch people can't take hot food).

It was probably the limited exposure to chocolate up until that point but I felt the need to stuff a chocolate Easter bunny "Browny" (a gift from Marjan) with Australian branded Belgium chocolate ice cream. Browny was quickly beheaded allowing the chocolate ice cream to flow (the Doctors loved this).

This weekend we'll take the days we worked from Easter and head to Istanbul, Turkey. We'll also take a side trip to Troy and pay our respects at ANZAC cove in Gallipoli.

Congratulations are in order for everyone who popped over the weekend. Simon & Cara with Sydney, Gavin and Erica with Oscar and Rob and Barbara with Darcy. Congratulations also to Brent and his Irish bride Mary who tied the knot this weekend and Geoff and Leigh who will tie the knot this weekend.