Party Party Party!!!

On Saturday it was Renate's birthday. She had arranged for some family and friends to drop in for the afternoon and evening. What she had failed to mention beforehand was that it was also a surprise welcome to Holland party for me!

As everyone arrived they also wished me a happy birthday for Renate which is the done thing here.

It started quietly with taart, koffie and thee (pie, coffee and tea) and as the evening came on more and more people started arriving. Most of the people I had met before but it was good to chat to everyone again filling in some of the blanks.

The dinner was a buffet style like we do in New Zealand where every brings a dish. This isn't the norm and was part of the New Zealand theme. Huge amounts of great food from Dutch worst (sausage) to pizzas, quiches and wraps. We still have some left overs in the fridge that I'm working through each lunchtime.